Leyland Lodge 4546 and New Era Lodge 10229

The Broadfield Arms is the home of Leyland Lodge 4546 and New Era Lodge 10229 who meet alternate Mondays.

Our hosts are Dave & Alex who have just had a lovely little boy.

Leyland & New Era Lodges are members of the Chorley & Blackburn Province - Grand Lodge of England.

Founded 23rd September 1922. One of the founder members was Brother Arthur Sumner, Grandson of James Sumner founder of the once mighty Leyland Motors (Bus & Trucks) It was originally set up as a Lodge for the Motors employees who were Foremen and upwards (Lower & Middle Management).

Prior to the "New Lodge" being formed in 1922 there existed a previous version which was Leyland Lodge 1019, who met at the Railway Hotel, Farington, Leyland. This Lodge came to an end around the time of World War One. Possibly all the young men were either fighting for King & Country, or other more pressing matter of the times got in the way. There is no record of its closure, but records show some of the former members became members of the New Leyland Lodge 4546.  


 Today, the modern version of the Lodge still continues and resides at the Broadfield Arms, Leyland Lane, Leyland PR25 1XH and meets every sunday afternoon at 12,30pm till approximately 2.30pm.

We are made up of like minded men who have fun for a couple of hours every week, and use our combined resourses to raise money for Charity, both local and national. In the last 20 years alone, we have raised in excess of £150,000 just as a by product of our main reason for existance. The Order, was set up as a fraternal brotherhood with the purpose of helping our member in times of difficulty or need. We still make every attempt to help our members within the confines of our resourses and also by guidence through the resourses of the Social Services available today.



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