About Leyland Lodge 4546

Leyland Lodge 4546 was founded on 23rd September 1922 in the newly formed Chorley Province  (Now Chorley & Leyland Province) which was at that time barely 2 years old. It was founded in a period of regeneration within the Order. A period that started well bet decended into power struggles and splits, not to mention disruptions through war.

 The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes came into being as a recognised Order in 1866, although many of the Lodges that formed the order were in existance long before but without any real organisation. They began when stagehands and travelling actors  were refused access to the Actors Guilds which only allowed working actors to join. The earliest recorded Lodge was the City of Lushington founded at the Harpers Tavern in Drury Lane in London. The Order once organised under one common banner and rule book rapidly grew and spread out from London into the provinces. As time progressed, disputes arose as the provinces demanded the same rights as the London Lodges who had one delegate per Lodge and the provinces only one vote per Province  Splits took place and what began as one Order, split into many different "Banners".

At what point the Leyland Lodge originally came into being is not clear, but record show that "Leyland Lodge 1019" existed before the turn of the century, but disappeared in the early part of the 20th century. It is probably reasonable to assume that WW1 was a big part of the problem with young men everywhere going to war to fight for King and country. But we do know that the founder members of the New "Leyland Lodge 4546" belonged to the old Leyland 1019. One of the members was Arthur Sumners, Grandson of the founder of the once mighty "LEYLAND MOTORS" (Later to become Leyland DAF and now is Amercan owned "LEYLAND TRUCKS". 

(One of the oldest but now defunct Lodges - Albert Adward Lodge)

Today, hanging in the Lodge room we proudly display the regalia of Bro Richard Barnes, who was one of the original members of the New Lodge. He was well travelled as his jewels show and he was also very prominent in the "Parasite Order" that existed within the RAOB which was "The Knights of the Golden Horn".

"This order recruited members from within and grew to be a very powerful body with a great deal of power within the Grand Lodge, even though no powers were ever granted to them. But all Grand Primo's of the early days, became Grand Knight Commanders of the KGH"

Bro Barnes was a distinguished member of the KGH and his service jewels and "Order of Shield" collarette are included in the display of his Buffalo regalia.

One of the earliest pictures of a Lodge member is this one. A photo of Bro Jack Taylor, initiated on 17th April 1923 when the Lodge was just 6 months old. Bro Jack was employed at Leyland Motors and from other photo's of Bro Jack that exist it is clear that he was not one of the poorer meembers of the work force. The new Leyland Lodge was thought to have been formed by the "management" of Leyland motors, though what level of management this covered is not known but Jack lived in Northgate, Leyland, next to the Factory Gates where factory Managers and Foremen were housed.

Leyland Lodge currently meets on Sunday afternoons, but in its earlier days it has met on Sunday, Monday and Saturday. it has also travelled around from pub to pub. Pubs in Leyland were the Lodge met include the Wheatsheaf, the Seven Stars, Eagle and child, Bay Horse, The RAOB Club in Leyland, Roebuck and currently at the Broadfield Arms, were the Lodge has settled for the past 10 years, sharing a Lodge room with the New Era Lodge 10229.

Leyland Lodge have for many years been key players in the province, holding many key offices and often leading the way when fund raising for Charity.

Beside fundraising for local and national charities, the Leyland lodge has for many years maintained a small "Charity Fund" to enable donations to the "Emergency" appeals that may crop up locally.   


At the top of this page there are 2 motif's. The blue disc shaped "Badge" resembles the Leyland Motors sign of old. This has recently been adopted by the Lodge as its emblem. The Cross is taken from a design on some old Leyland Lodge ties from the 1970's and the cross in a representation of the towns historic land mark - LEYLAND CROSS. The cross stands in the centre of the road between the modern day TESCO EXTRA and the ROEBUCK & Fox & Lion (Formely the BAY HORSE) which are both former homes to the Lodge. The Cross is believed to have stood there since early medieval times (circa 700AD) it is now conserved as a site of historical interest. The leyland Cross also stand directly in front of a shop that was formerly Edna Noon's Dress Shop for high Class Ladies. It was owned as you would guess by Edna Noon, who is the Grand Daughter of Bo Jack Taylor, our initiated bro of april 1923.


Primo Lodge from Pre WW1 - Predecessor to the PGL of today


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Interesting history however i found your comments about the KGH to be the height ignorance and bad taste.


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In what way are my comments about the KGH ignorant or in bad taste?They are historically accurate.