About The RAOB (Buffs)



Though we are not secret we have been silent in that we have been reluctant to brag about our achievements and it is for this reason that few people know about us, or what we do. This was fine in days gone by when our numbers were vast, but in a modern world, we need to advertise our existance and our reason for existing.


The R.A.O.B (or Buffs) is a 3 tier organisation made up of:
1. Minor Lodges - every member must be a compliant member of a minor Lodge. This is the grass roots of the Order.
2. Provincial Grand Lodge (PGL) – Made up of delegates from the Lodges under the control of the Province. From those delegates are elected the “Officers” and Executive Body. PGL is the local governing body who act as the link between Minor Lodge and Grand Lodge.
3. Grand Lodge – Is the governing body of the Order and is made up of delegates from all the Provinces. From those delegates are elected the “Officers” and Executive body. Grand Lodge is the highest authority and oversees the “Administration” of the whole of the Order.

"The Order” maintains “Benevolent Funds and Convalescence homes” to look after those members in difficulty or need.  The cost of these is met by the members through weekly registrations and voluntary donations. We raise money for Charity, which is quite separate from voluntary donations made to the RAOB by the members. The RAOB is not a Registered Charity, though it does maintain Charity Funds that are registered under Charity Commission Rules. We, The RAOB also carry out much charitable work for a variety of outside Charities. When working on behalf of another charity we become an agent working under the “Umbrella” of that registered charity and must do so with their permission.

We are not a “SECRET SOCIETY” - but we do have our “Secrets”. Secrets open only to those members who become eligible to receive them. They are traditional and intrinsic to our Order. To be eligible to receive them only comes as “Honours” are attained. They are a part of the “Mysteries of Buffaloism” that are the cornerstone of what we are.

In reality, we are a collection of likeminded people, who contribute collectively to our Lodges and Order, only as much or as little as we are able to. In the process of building and running thriving Lodges, we turn our thoughts to helping those less fortunate. Lodges may organise Charity events or differing types of fund raising events. To do this, we simply apply our collective abilities organise events and raffles etc. Often we find that friends and family and other none-Buffs are happy to help out. Nobody as yet has compiled a list of the total given by the whole Order; we can only guess that it runs into many millions each year and has existed since 1866 as a “Collective Body”. The earliest recorded Lodge began in 1822, so there must be a good reason for our continued existence after almost 150 years.

If you want to know more – Ask any “Buff”, or call the Provincial Grand Secretary Steven Farrell, or go online:  

Contact Details: LeylandLodge  Secretary tele: 07704874257 or email:

How do I Join?

Membership is obtained through Nomination and Initiation

Any male of 18 years or over and of good character, can join. Simply make your interest known to any “Buff” and see where it leads you to. For many of us, it has led to a fulfilment coupled with the companionship of many great friends throughout the country. All this for a small weekly registration and a couple of hours of FUN.

What is expected of me if I join?

The Priority for every member must be his family and his work. Beyond that every member is expected to attend as often as he can. Voting compliance requires a minimum of 8 out of 13 attendances, but Lodges function better if you try to attend every meeting. From there on, you are expected to put in only as much as you are willing to put in. Hopefully your involvement will push you toward wanting to do the maximum, but we understand that different members have different needs and priorities. “LODGE” is another word for “TEAM”. Teamwork requires meeting the agreed aims & objectives through working together. “Together” requires mutual respect and acceptance of other views and opinions. Always remember the old adage – “There is no “I” in “TEAM”.


Q - What can "I" achieve by joining the "Buffs"?

A - As much or as little as you want to achieve, is the short answer. As a new member you are expected to learn the rules and ceremonies, especially “The Obligation”. This helps you to comprehend the structure of our Order and the methods in which our Lodges are run. You can, if you wish, then progress through an “Examining Council” to prove your knowledge of the rules and Ceremonies sufficiently well to advance to the 2nd Degree (Certified Primo) which qualifies you to take control of and run the Lodge and Initiation Ceremonies. It also allows you to progress to Provincial Grand Lodge where you can begin as; Minor Lodge Delegate, representing your Lodge in the Local Governing Body. From here a member can progress through Provincial Grand Lodge Offices and also go on to Grand Lodge as a Delegate representing your Province. Now options become open to you to seek higher Office at Grand Lodge where you could become a part of the Grand Lodge Management or a Grand Lodge Officer or even attain the Office of Grand Primo of the Grand Lodge of England. 2nd degree is the “Key to the door of future progress” 
The 3rd Degree – Knight of the Order of Merit
takes a minimum of 3 years after attaining the 2nd Degree. This entitles you to attend Knights Chapter and take part in their Ceremonial Duties. Only Knights can enter Kt Chapter.
Lastly, our 4th Degree and the Highest Honour that can be attained through Minor Lodge is that of “Member of the Role of Honour” and as with the 3rd degree, only those who hold the degree may enter. To attain this requires time, patience and dedication.
Each Degree has a “Secret signs and Passwords” which can only be passed onto you after undergoing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th ceremonies. On initiation you are required to take a “Solemn Vow” never to divulge the signs and passwords that may be imparted to you. 

Though it may appear strange and unfamiliar at first (just as a new Jobs is strange and unfamiliar) you will soon pick up our working methods which comprise of the Lodge working in 2 set states.” Strict Order” for dealing with “BUSINESS” and “Liberty Hall” which balances the business with fun.

You can achieve as much or as little as you want to and at the pace that you want to. But if you want to have fun and do a bit for your community, there is no better or easier way than to join the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (or “The Buffs”)



Lodges of the Province

Leyland Lodge 4546
Meet every Sunday at 12,30pm at the Broadfield Arms. Leyland Lane,
Leyland, Lancashire PR25 1XH

New Era Lodge 10229
Meet 2nd & 4th Mondays at 8pm at the Broadfield Arms. Leyland Lane,
Leyland, Lancashire PR25 1XH

Lord Balcarres Lodge 365
Meet Thursday at 8pm at East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley, Lancs

Welcome Lodge 2324
Meet Friday at 8pm @ East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley, Lancs

Provincial Grand Lodge
Meets 3rd Tuesday Monthly  @ East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley, Lancs

Knight's Chapter136
Meets 1st Tuesday 8.00pm  Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept,Nov. @ East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley, Lancs

Roll Of Honour Assembly 193
Meets 1st Tuesday 8.00pm Feb, April. June, Aug, Oct,Dec @ East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley, Lancs

Overseas Buffaloes Association (OBA)
Meet 4th Monday every 2nd month Alternating between East Ward Conservative Club, Chorley and The Broadfield Arms, Leyland

Contact any Secretary for further details

Other Local Lodges include:
Falcon Lodge, Bolton / Peace Lodge Bolton / Charles Rock Lodge, Bolton
Friendship Lodge
, Horwich / Elizabethan Lodge, Preston / Lion Lodge, Garstang
Many thousands more country wide and world wide

A Potted History

The webpages on offer here are part of an attempt to inform. Not just to inform our own members, but to spread the word to the wider male audience. The pages contain details of who and what te Royal Antediluvian order of Buffaloes are. It seeks to tell you, the reader, what we do and that we do it because we can.


What we do, is we seek to look after the needs and welfare of our own necessitous members who may, through no fault of there own, have fallen on hard times, be it illness or unemployment and all the hardship that follows. Our fist and formost purpose is the look after "OURS". The Widow, the Orphan Child and members of the families of Good & Loyal Buffaloes.


In addition, what we do is about "Communities". We put to good use the manpower and the Brainpower of our members to raise money for Charity. In some Lodges it may only be a little, other raise huge sums. But everyone who registers for a meeting contributes through those registration fees to our own "Internal Registered Charities" and Convalescent Homes. Beyond this we organise small raffles or hugh events. Take up challenge such as a sponsored walk or bike ride from which we seek to raise money from extrenal sources to benefit such "Charitable Causes"  as we desire to help, whether that is a local or a national cause.


The very earliest causes helped by the Order in the 1880's, was the provision of Life Boats in coastal areas. During the first World War, the RAOB bought and donated the first Motorised Ambulances which we sent to the front lines in Europe. They were also manned by "Volunteer Buffs". In the 1930's we donated the first "Motorised Life Boats".Our current Headquarter, Grove House in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was built by a Vicar, it was once a school, it was the home of an industrialist who made his money from Steam Train Boilers and was a wealthy ancestor of Edward Fox and his own Acting Family. The RAOB turned it into an Orphanage and during the wars, it was used as a Military Hospital. 


So the "Buffs" have always been at the forefront of caring for communities and still we do our bit today. Chorley & Blackburn Province have collected money for many Charity Causes. The records for the past 20 years alone show that Chorley & Blackburn Province have raised well over £100,000 for many different Charities. these include:

St Catherines Hospice, Lostock Hall, Preston

Barnardoes, Lostock Hall, Preston,

Darian House, Childrens Hospice

The Legacy - Rainbow House - Mawdesley, Chorley

The North West Air Ambulance

Bowland Mountain Rescue Team

Chorley Hospital


Help for Heroes

Deafway, Preston


Schools for Disadvantaged Children

The Christie - Cancer Research + Breast Cancer Care

Testicular Cancer and many other Cancer charities. 


The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes goes about its work quietly, without seeking reward or thanks. We do this as a part of the hobby we call "Buffaloism or Buffing". Apart from having lots of fun playing "The Game" which is "Buffing" we seek only to help those less fortunate whilst enjoying "Friendship & Brotherhood" from our fellow members both in our own Lodges and in Lodges all over the country. Quite simply, when the game is played in the right spirit, which is "Brotherly Love & Good Fellowship" there is no better Organisation to belong to. So all you young men of good character in leyland, Chorley & Blackburn Areas, and in areas nationwide and even world wide, seek out a Buff Lodge and ask about joining. You will never regret the day you were "Initiated"  a member of "THE ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN ORDER OF BUFFALOES"