Bro Derry Staig ROH

Bro Derry Staig ROH

Details from the Secretary


Who could not admire Bro Derry Staig. Bro Derry is a paraplegic who legs serve little purpose other than to drape his trousers on. Yet Bro Derry manages to travel by Bus to Leyland every Sunday from Lytham St Annes, changing at Preston half way. Unable to sit down during the Journey, Bro Derry needs the support of 2 sticks and amazing upper body strength to support himself.


A victim of what we believea miscarriage of Justice through suspension at the hands of another Province, Bro Derry refused to give in and fought his way back into the Order. Throughout 3 years of suspension he travelled a 40 mile round trip just to be with Buffs who stood by him, even though he could not enter the Lodge. Bro Derry now is a very happy "Buff" who loves what we do and deserves great credit for his behaviour even during dificult times.  

Bro Derry also enjoys a battle of wits wit creatures of the water world. In spite of his limitations Bro Derry loves to go fishing and is very involved with his fishing club committee.