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Bro Malcolm (Mac) Emmitt ROH, Honorary Member

Bro Malcolm (Mac) Emmitt ROH, Honorary Member

3 time PGP Wharfedale Province

Affiliated to Leyland Lodge in 1996 the first of many Jubilee Lodge Members to affiliate.

During his last spell as PGP, his project was TROOPAID for which £4500 was raised. But over more than 40 years in the Buffs Bro Mac has been responsible for raising well over £100,000. truely a Brother of Worth. 

Known to all as "Mac" this well known and highly respected member of the Order attained his 50 years Honorary membership in 2017. Mac is Yorkshire born and bred, but since 1996 has been a member and influence on Leyland Lodge, and his own Lodge - Jubilee lodge 10127 in Guiseley West Yorkshire.Mac has coached youngsters at Rugby Clubs in Otley and surrounding areas, and is only just beginning to admit to the fact that the kids now hurt. But then mac has now entered into his 80s and showing signs he may be  slowing down soon.

4 times PGP in Wharfedale Province, this brother has earned the high esteem in which he is held. As a result of his passing through Chorley Province in 1996, at least 6 members of the Wharfedale Province have affiliated to Leyland and as many from Leyland have affiliated to Jubilee Lodge.

In 1999 when Mac was PGP for the second time, Leyland Lodge found itself home to 3 serving PGPs and 3 serving deputy PGPs in the same year.